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EIS Scanning

The unique feature of the EIS Full Body Scan is that it is the only procedure known to actually measure, function and risk factors for your body systems. The EIS Full Body Scan can detect 69 parameters of the human body, with an amazing 87% accuracy. In comparison an average blood test has an accuracy rate of 85% and a mammogram around 68% accuracy.

Advantages for YOU in Having the EIS Full Body Scan

The EIS Full Body test is comprehensive, accurate, reproducible and fantastic for finding out what is really going on inside your body and knowing how to treat your health condition successfully. This complex form of bio-impedance testing can often reveal disease patterns before symptoms are manifest. It is also great to monitor the before & after treatment comparisons – in other words is your treatment working and is it actually improving your health status. Also when YOU see a visual model of your major organs giving estimations of the levels of organ function or dysfunction this has a dual effect on you. Firstly if there are areas of serious dysfunction that need further investigation then the EIS Full Body Scan Report and a qualified Practitioner will make necessary recommendations so your health is improved. Often the EIS Full Body Scan Secondly, when YOU see a depiction of YOUR current health status this acts as a catalyst for YOU to take positive action to make the necessary diet and lifestyle choices that will lead to an improvement in the health of YOUR organs and body. Remember you only get one life to lead – enjoy it more with good health by taking advantage of this advanced technology available NOW.

Body system functions assessed by the EIS Full Body Scan include the following:

      • Cardiovascular System
      • Respiratory System
      • Digestive System
      • Immune System
      • Brain Function
      • Nervous System
      • Hormonal (Endocrine) System
      • Neuromuscular System
      • Urinary System
      • Reproductive System
      • Metabolic Function
      • And much, much more

The assessment also analyzes:

      • Body Composition including Fat Mass, Lean Mass, Muscular Mass, Intracellular Water, Extra Cellular Water and your Total Body Water and your Weight Analysis
      • Oxidative Stress Analysis – shows if you need antioxidants and which ones

      • Hormonal Balance including DHEA, Testosterone, Thyroid, Insulin, Cortisol, Adrenal Gland Hormone balance, TSH and your Thyroid function that will show why you can’t lose weight and how your stressful life style is affecting you. Why you feel tired, run down and why your immune system is comprised

      • Male prostate Specific Antigen Levels (PSA) and libido (sex drive) levels

      • Ions and Minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride which will show why you have muscle aches, your bone strength and much more.

      • Brain chemistry and Neurotransmitter balance such as Serotonin, Dopamine and Acetylcholine levels to show why you are feeling moody, anxious, angry or depressed. Also why you can’t sleep or why your memory is not too good.

      • Biochemistry Balance such as Glucose levels and any insulin resistance that will show why your energy levels may be low and why you can’t lose weight or why you have chocolate, sugar or carbohydrate cravings.

      • You body pH will show if the acid-alkali balance is contributing to your health problems, Oxygen levels which will show if your brain or muscles are receiving enough oxygenated blood and your CO2 levels, Hydrogen, Bicarbonates for healthy cell metabolism.

How is the EIS Full Body Health Assessment performed?

A fully trained Practitioner will start by working through some health questions in regard to your health. Your age, weight and height information is entered into the EIS program. This is then followed by a specialized electronic scan of the whole body. The results will then be analysed and explained to the patient as the assessment is occurring on screen all in 3D full colour. The majority of the one hour appointment will be spent discussing the results that will be on the screen in bold colour.

The actual EIS scan takes about 3 minutes and is painless, safe and non invasive. It requires the client, who is fully clothed and seated comfortably at a desk too put their hands & bare feet on electrode plates, while 2 electrodes are placed on their forehead. The client does nothing during the scan other than stay quiet and still, watching the body being scanned in real time on the screen in front of them... You will find the process absolutely fascinating! At the end of the initial Health EIS Assessment, the results will be explained. Then an appointment with the appropriate practitioner (Or practitioners) will be scheduled at a time of your convenience.

How does the EIS Full Body Scan Work? Now this fantastic technology is available at Infinite Healing. 

The EIS or Electro-Interstitial Scanning system health scan biosensor is a new diagnostic aid to measure bio-impedance in interstitial fluids in the body. The EIS technology was originally invented by German and Russian scientists, and was used in the health monitoring of the cosmonauts of the MIR space station. Subsequently a team of European scientists developed the technology over a 10 year period with trials in hospitals and clinics in France for use by mainstream healthcare practitioners in all healthcare fields.

Now this fantastic technology is available at Infinite Healing, call today!

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